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Measuring for an Equine Harness
Horse, Mule, Donkey

               How to measure for a “Horse/Donkey Harness”

Follow below...then fill diagram with your  horse/donkey information. 

You can copy it to a Word Doc then email it to us:   forequineonly@aol.com


                    Refer to diagram to measure for:


  1. BRIDLE:  mouth to mouth over poll (adjustable 21” to 32”); nose measurement (above nose) for caveson; browband mesurement is above eye(s).
  2. BREAST-COLLAR/PLATE:  from center of driving saddle (just behind withers) around chest to center of saddle on the other side.
  3. HARNESS SADDLE & GIRTH:  behind withers where driving saddle rests, around belly to the other side (adjusts 43”-51”).
  4. CRUPPER/BACKBAND:  from saddle to base of tail.
  5. BREECHING:  from point of hip around rear to point of hip on the other side.