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A Blanket/Sheet is as waterproof as a tent or rain coat would be that is made of treated fabric.  It is NOT as waterproof as PVC or any plastic sheeting would be.  It is tested and labeled waterproof because ice, snow and rain do roll off of it.  If it rains for an extended period of time, or water is puddled on the fabric, it may eventually seep through the neck hole.  You should also note that many horses will "sweat" under their apparel making it appear as though water is leaking through the fibers.  This blanket or sheet is also machine washable (hang to dry) and can be sprayed with a water repellent agent (such as Scotch-Guard) to re-treat and enhance the waterproofing properties of the fabric. This “body cover” is not intended to be used in the place of a shelter.  By purchasing this item, you are admitting to have read and understood this paragraph.



The easiest way to determine the size needed is to take a side measurement.  Start from the middle of the chest and measure around one side to the rump (next to edge of the tail).  That measurement is the size of the blanket or sheet needed.  If the measurement is a 42, you would order a 42 blanket or sheet!  The front adjustment will allow additional room as needed (for growth or if double blanketing).  If you have any questions or concerns or would like a more detailed explanation for measuring, please contact me at:  forminisonly at aol.com

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