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Hello to all our Customers and Friends: 

  Our motto remains to treat our customers like we like to be treated, have a good variety of competitively priced products (we are adding more all the time...), and a quick turnaround time with safe and neatly packaged products shipped promptly via USPS Priority or Express Mail...Worldwide!

Remember...Whether you are looking for supplies for your first Equine purchase, your show horse or pampered pet...contact FOR EQUINE ONLY forequineonly@aol.com...if we don't have what you are looking for...we will find it for you!                         ______________________________________


   Feel free to call us at any time (772.215.9046) with your “Equine Questions”.  We are always available to share the wealth of knowledge we have acquired over time!

          Your comments & suggestions are important to us.  Please share these with us so we can continually improve what we offer our “valued customers & friends.”




                     Debbie & Jessica Mooney  




A little bit about us...  


For Minis Only is owned and managed by Debbie & Jessica Mooney who have had over 20 years experience breeding, training and showing Miniature Horses in a variety of disciplines to numerous wins including Regional and National Titles.  They have marketed and sold horses worldwide from Australia to Europe and South America.


Debbie is also a licensed Judge with the AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association) and AMHR (American Miniature Horse Registry), having judged nearly 50 sanctioned miniature horse shows to date.  She also holds Judges cards with ASPC, POAC & CMHC and serves as a Regional Director for AMHA.  She always tries to add a personal touch to the packaging and shipping of merchandise to customers and is always available to answer "mini questions" of any kind whether related to your purchase or not!


Jessica has taken over the breeding, training & showing of the Mystique show string in recent years.  She is a College Student and when available, takes charge of For Minis Only inventory control and shipping.


A Little Bit of History:

Our early involvement with horses included "Living Works of Art"...Arabian Horses!  We were captivated by their antiquity, matchless beauty and "Mystique"...hence our Farm name was born "Mystique Arabian Stud".

          Our admiration of “tiny horses,” in the 1970’s, and the beautiful array of color they demonstrated, encouraged our study of Miniature Horse Pedigrees in an attempt to learn what bloodlines influenced size, balance, Arabian type & color.  A few years later we began purchasing horses for our herd.  Our goal became…”to produce an Arabian Miniature,” with balance (one that LOOKED like a “true horse in miniature”), athletic ability AND lots of color!”

          We have derived and implemented a carefully planned program where we selectively breed, train, show and sell the “Mystique Arabian Miniature Horse”  with a WORLDWIDE market...for more information contact us at: mystiquefarm@aol.com!

          What does this have to do with a "Tack Store"? ...Well after becoming involved with "minis", we found it was very difficult if not impossible to find supplies and tack for them...SO...we began a new "quest"...to find them and share our findings with others...hence, "For Minis Only" was born!  AND, now it is so funny, but our customers are asking for matching accessories for their "Big Horses"...sooooo...we have started to carry "Full Size Horse" supplies and accessories too!  Now we have a problem...how do we incorporate that fact into ou name?  Hummmm...maybe some of you will give us some ideas! 

Contact us at:  ForEquineOnly@aol.com