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Bovine Baby or Calf Adjustable Waterproof Blanket w/Shoulder Gussets & Bellyband

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Bovine Baby or Calf  Adjustable Waterproof  Blanket with Shoulder Gussets & Bellyband 

Polar shield Waterproof Poly Turnout Blanket.  Designed without a back seam to prevent leaking.  Made of 600 ripstop poly outer shell with waterproof 210 lining.   Bellyband with velcro fastener.  Large, XLarge and 2XLarge have a double buckle front for adjustment.  Shoulder gussets allow freedom of movement without rubbing the hair off of the shoulders and chest.  Water repellent.  Machine Washable. 

Our Models, Jude & Jacy are from “The Barnyard Sanctuary”  Jude (first calf below) is a 2 week old Jersey Holstein cross, wearing size XL.  Jacy (second calf below) is a 5 week old Jersey calf, wearing size large.  Read their story below…

The Barnyard Sanctuary's mission is to find a new home for displaced farm pets that have become homeless due to the financial, social, economical or physical well being of their current caregivers.

Jude was a 6 day old bull calf who was being sent to the auction when The Barnyard Sanctuary in Columbia, NJ rescued him. The Barnyard decided to buy his mommy, so that he could stay with her and drink her milk. Because the mom was a dairy production cow producing large quantities of milk, they decided to rescue a second orphaned heifer calf, Jacy, at the same time, to help Jude drink all the milk. Severely ill with pneumonia, Jacy needed a winter coat. Jude needed one due to his young age. They could not find traditional calf coats in stock anywhere due to the cold weather and calving season. As they had just received 2 mini foal coats as a gift for an impending mini donkey birth, they decided to use those temporarily. Perfect fit! Both babies are snug and dry!   You can see many more pictures and read all about them at The Barnyard Sanctuary on Facebook. 2-13-14

How to measure for your waterproof Turnout Sheet/Blanket”


The easiest way to determine the size needed is to take a side measurement (see picture above).  Start from themiddle of the chest to the point of the rump as shown. That measurement is the size of the blanket or sheetneeded.  If the measurement is 42 inches, you would order a size 2XL blanket like that pictured.  The adjustment at the chestof the blanket or sheet will allow additional room as needed (double blanketing or growth).  If you haveany questions, please contact us at 772-286-8868 or ForMinisOnly@aol.com