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"Horse" Driving Equipment > Pony & Mule Buggy/Carriage/Cart Tug or Shaft Stops
Pony & Mule Buggy/Carriage/Cart Tug or Shaft Stops
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Orig. Price: $45.00
Sale Price: $38.95
Prod. Code: Wit-8-337


Pony and Mule Driving Buggy ~ Carriage ~ Cart.....Tug/Shaft Stops

Tug or Shaft Stops are used on the driving vehicle to hold the loop on your harness in place.  They can be used on any Cart, Buggy or Carriage.

These pictured are for "Miniature Horse or Pony " Vehicles.

  • These sell by the PAIR...are CHROME with a smooth finish.
  • They install permanently to your vehicle and will look beautiful for many years.
  • Polishes easily to bring back a mirror shine. 
  • Come complete with installation screws.
  • The one inch cylinders (on each shaft) as can be seen in the picture...can be used in 2 different positions (screw on and off) on each Shaft Stop.
  • Stops measure 5.75" Long X 1/2+" Wide.

$38.95 for a pair