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Health & Hoof Care > Horse, Pony & Mini Foaling Kit w/Foal Blanket
Horse, Pony & Mini Foaling Kit w/Foal Blanket
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Generously supplied Foaling Kit for Mares ready to deliver

INCLUDING a Foal blanket with shoulder gussets!



This foaling kit includes all items pictured:


5 gallon colorful bucket with snap on lid, handle and handle grip.  This bucket holds all your items safely and dust free.  It doubles as a seat too!


27" & 52" terry cotton towel to dry new born foal and massage its body to stimulate good blood flow.


2 rolls of flexible cohesive bandage (vetwrap).  A great multi-use item and perfect to wrap your Mare's tail.


Shoulder length gloves...1 box of 10 obstetrical shoulder length sleeves.


One multi-use 5 oz. tube of sterile lubricating jelly.


Thermometer with gator clip, line and storage case.


Stethescope...Chrome-plated, time tested model with fine sound amplification.  Single chestpiece for auscultating various sounds of heart, lungs and other organs.


Equus Foaling Chart (see picture #2)...illustrates and describes normal and red alert situations.  Suitable for framing and keeping in your barn!


Iodine Spray...16 ounce bottle of iodine wound spray.  Apply to naval of new born.  Also an aid in the treatment of minor cuts and abrasions.


9 ounce baby bottle with nipple and cap.


Pop-on animal nursing nipple can easily be used on any long neck soda bottle (soda bottle not included).


OB Leg Snare...a useful aid when needed.  Improves your ability to extract youngsters that need assistance in difficult deliveries(incorrect presentation position of foal).


2 each, 4.5 ounce ready to use enemas.  PLUS directions on how to make your own!


Polar shield Waterproof Poly Turnout Blanket.  Designed without a back seam to prevent leaking.  Made of 600 ripstop poly outer shell with waterproof 210 lining.   Bellyband with velcro fastener.  Large and XLarge have a double buckle front for adjustment. Small and Medium have a single buckle front for adjustment.  Shoulder gussets allow freedom of movement without rubbing the hair off of the shoulders and chest.  Water repellent.  Machine Washable.


IMPORTANT...CHOOSE BLANKET SIZE...these are suggestions:  M for mini, L for pony or large mini or small horse, XL horse


sizes:   S (15”-19” long), M (19.5”-25” long), L( 25.5”-31” long), XL (31.5”-37” long)




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