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Hand Tooled Oval Conchos for Mini Show Halter
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Orig. Price: $85.00
Sale Price: $69.95
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Prod. Code: Show Halter Accessories

Miniature Horse Show Halter Oval Hand Tooled Conchos in Gold/Black...or...Silver/Black

Tooled/Engraved silver or gold combined with black...oval  cut conchos.  Pin slide attachment to halter (see special notes below on different clasps and how to secure your conchos to your show halter).  Size approx. 1 inch X 3/4 inchs. 

Choose: Gold/Black or Silver/Black

3L lg 14     $69.95 for a pair



Concho Education:


 Show Halters are sold without accessories.  See “Show Halter
Section of our Store ”
for a selection of conchos, chin chains, throatlatch chains & lead lines to supplement & adorn your halter.


On a “PROPER FITTING HALTER,” the noseband will cross the nose and end a THUMB’S WIDTH below the cheekbone on BOTH sides!


Finding the right halter size:

  1. Use a tape measure.
  2. Nose measurement:  Measure from just  below  the cheekbone,  around the  nose,  to just below  the cheekbone on the other side.
  3. Crown measurement:  Start just below the cheekbone, continue around the side of the face, over the poll and around the other side of the face to just below the cheek- bone on the other side.

Approximate Halter

Sizing & Measurements

for a “Mini”:



6” X 17”


6 ½” X 20”


7 ½” X 22”


8 ½” X 24”


9 ½” X 27”

Buckled in center hole

XS fits most sucklings & weanlings.

S fits most weanlings, yearlings & small adults.

M is the most common size and fits most Minis.

L-XL fits larger Minis.

 Conchos add that “Classy touch of elegance” to your show halter.  They come in proportionate sizes for your mini and halter.  Sizes are from 1” to 1 ½”.  We carry Silver with stamped and hand engraved designs, also, hand engraved jewelers bronze, as well as a combination of both colors, some with semi-precious stones.


Concho backs have 2 types of clasps to secure them to the show halter.  One has a pin that  inserts through the back of the concho securing the halter cable in the center.

The other type has pins that clasp like  a barrette.


Unfortunately, many conchos are eventually lost without additional securing.  Follow this “Helpful Horsey Hint” and your concho should never fall off your show halter:


To securely hold your concho to your show halter, bend the pin ends UP (pin installation type); bend pins around clasp (barrette back)….. Then secure both types with hot glue!  Mold it flush with concho back while cooling.



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Helpful Information & Terms

You may not recognize some of the terms used to identify various accents available when creating your special “Cable Show Halter!” These will help familiarize & give you an understanding of the various accents to choose from:


Cable Sides:  Very strong yet  thin cable inserted through tubular patent…make-up the sides of these Show Halters.


Patent Noseband:  Connects the sides of the cable  across  the   nose.     Choose   from  a

variety of colors and accent combinations notated on chart.  Use code numbers when ordering.


Bar Nosebands:  Connects the sides of the cable across the nose.  Choose from 14K gold filled, sterling silver, copper or a combination of Bar colors on a black patent noseband as notated on chart.  Use code numbers when ordering.


Solid Ferrule:  Tubular colored (14K gold filled, sterling silver or copper) accent on cable sides and/or cable nosebands.


Filigree Ferrule:  Tubular (14K gold filled, sterling silver or copper) accent with tiny cut-outs to expose the dark contrast of the cable sides or noseband.