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Grooming, Enhancing & Cleaning > OUT-OF-STOCK...Horse~Pony~Donkey~Goat~Dog Washwand Sweat scraper
OUT-OF-STOCK...Horse~Pony~Donkey~Goat~Dog Washwand Sweat scraper
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Orig. Price: $39.00
Sale Price: $35.00
Prod. Code: washwand

5/4/2012...Sorry, but these are not presently available.  We are hoping the company will continue making them in the near future but do not know for sure.


15"  Horse~Pony~Donkey~Goat~Dog WashWand Sweat Scraper

Here is an EXCELLENT New idea for a "grooming tool" that works great!

This is a WashWand with built-in sweat scraper that attaches to hose...has an easy grip handle...quiet operation for easy use!

    • Durable aluminum construction
    • 15" total length
    • Save 30% on water use
    • Cut wash & rinse time in half
    • On/off water control
    • Use with garden and indoor faucet


    •   email us at: ForMinisOnly@aol.com with any questions you have