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Mini Horse & Donkey Apparel > MINI HORSE or DONKEY Weanling~Yearling Waterproof Blanket 2XL...fits 37" to 43"
MINI HORSE or DONKEY Weanling~Yearling Waterproof Blanket 2XL...fits 37" to 43"
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Orig. Price: $74.00
Sale Price: $64.95
Prod. Code: JT 32-7015

If we do not have your color choice we will send closest color possible!

Miniature Horse Double Extra Large "Foal" Waterproof Turnout Blanket with Shoulder Gussets  (for sucklings, weanlings and tiny yearlings!)  ...Includes storage bag!

Polar shield Waterproof Poly Turnout Blanket.  Designed without a back seam to prevent leaking.  Made of 600 ripstop poly outer shell with waterproof 210 lining.   Bellyband with velcro fastener. Large, XLarge & XXLarge have a double buckle front for adjustment. Small and Medium have a single buckle front for adjustment.  Shoulder gussets allow freedom of movement without rubbing the hair off of the shoulders and chest.  Water repellent.  Machine Washable.  Included is a handy clear plastic storage bag with zipper and carrying handles!



Sorry, no camo colors are available at this time. 

 size:  XXL (FITS 37 TO 43" LENGTH)

See sizing instructions below for help in choosing the right size..other sizes both larger and smaller are available elsewhere in our store.



This is our TOP selling blanket!!!!  Here are just A FEW of the reasons it is: 


          First of all, it's waterproof poly outer shell makes ice, snow and rain...roll right off!  AND...without a backseam, there are no leaks! 

      Secondly...The shoulder gussets, with a very generous seam that opens wide when the horse moves, ELLIMINATES the shoulder rubbing other blankets can cause, making the area  hairless and sometimes becoming sore and raw from the constant rubbing, especially when left on for long periods of time (like you need to do in the winter especially in the more Northern States).

                       Another reason...the double buckle in the front (single buckle for Small) enables for a 3 inch (plus/minus) adjustment in size.  This could come in handy for a variety of reasons including weight gain or loss and double blanketing (if you need to body clip in the dead of winter for a show and feel that you should "layer clothing!")

                    The neck hole is snug and does not sit low on the neck causing more comfort on cold windy days and nights. 


SIZE & MEASUREMENT:  The easiest way to determine the size needed is to take a side measurement.  Start from the middle of the chest and measure around one side to the rump (next to edge of the tail).  That measurement is the size of the blanket or sheet needed.  If the measurement is a 42, you would order a 42 blanket or sheet!  The front adjustment will allow additional room as needed (for growth or if double blanketing).  If you have any questions or concerns or would like a more detailed explanation for measuring, please contact me at:  ForMinisOnly@aol.com